Thursday, March 7, 2013


Batman and I had a rough day yesterday homeschooling.   Today was a bit better but I think overall we both needed a break.   I got Batman's Brain Quest Game out that Santa got him for Christmas and got it all setup.   When Batman saw it he got very excited and was ready for play.   We spent the whole afternoon playing game after game.  Can you believe that we played 12 games?

Brain Quest is an award winning game for children in grades 1-6.   Questions are sorted by grade level. There are over 1,500 questions though in the game so it will last us many years.  Subjects include science, social studies, math, grab bag, and english.   Perfect for learning!

   Each time a player gets a question right they move a space.  They can win extra moves if they answer a question from a higher-grade level.   The player that answers enough questions correctly and makes it all around the schoolyard first wins the game.   I must admit that Batman did beat me a few times!

Here are some sample questions (first grade level):

1.  Doris has 3 quarters and 2 dimes.   What coin does she need to to have exactly $1.00?
2.  Tyler is making a birthday card.  How should he spell "birthday"?
3.  Which of the birds lay the eggs that we buy at the grocery store: ducks, turkeys, or chickens?
4.   Name two of the three countries that touch the Gulf of Mexico?
5.  Which of these rocks is the biggest: a pebble, a stone, or a boulder?

Need a break from your routine or another addition to your family game night stash?   I really like Brain Quest and I know you will too.


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