Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fabric Accessories

Kari over at Thought of You Fabric Accessories is celebrating her 1st Anniversary this week.   She has an amazing  giveaway today to celebrate.   Enter to win these cool items below....WOW!
I'm a customer of Kari's and have been rocking her headbands all summer.  She's great to work with and will customize her products to your liking.   I'm thinking that Batman will be looking pretty adorable in a bow tie this holiday season.

To enter, just follow the link above.  Good Luck!!

Monday, July 22, 2013


                                        BEFORE                                                        AFTER

Need a fun project to keep the kids busy?  Homemade chia pets are so much fun.  Best of all, it's the type of project that keeps on giving.

What you'll need:
1 knee high stocking
1 tablespoon of grass seed
1-2 cups of potting soil
1 plastic cup
Decorative eyes, etc.

Simply take a stocking and pour the grass seed in and then add the potting soil next.   Form a ball shape and tie the stocking underneath.  Have your child glue eyes and a nose on the front.  Place your new pet on top of the open part of the cup.  Make sure that it doesn't fall in though.  You might need to more soil if needed.  Water the "head" lightly.   Now wait a day or two until the "hair" grows.

Now the fun begins!  Watch your chia's hair grow!!

Batman has been having loads of fun.  Every two days or so he enjoys cutting his chia's hair.    Did I mention that his name is Puddles?   He got a mohawk a few days ago and a just a trim today.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

These pictures say it all.   Get outside and explore.

Monday, July 15, 2013

I've learned that using games as part of our homeschool routine really motivates my six year old.  I love a break from the books and the fact that "Batman" is learning while having fun.    Batman think he's getting a break from school.   Shhhhh!  Don't tell him!!!

A few months ago I found the game Money Bags and thought it would be a perfect addition to our game library.   Can I just say that Batman and I have been playing it non-stop?   I can already tell a difference in Batman's counting skills and overall confidence with money.   Today he proudly went up to a cashier to pay for his drink.  He whipped out his wallet and gave her the correct amount.  YEAH!!
The game is simple to play.   A player rolls the die and moves their playing piece ahead on the board.   Each stop allows the player to collect a certain amount of money.    Before they get the money they have to spin the spinner that determines if they can't use a particular coin or if they put their money in  the Money Bags circle.   For example, a player could land on "wash the floor" and should count out $.44.   They might be able to use any coins or might not be able to use quarters, nickels, or dimes to make up the amount.  This is when your child really has to think of different ways to count out the amount due to them.   There are some special plays such as "bank exchange" that is another opportunity for your child to exchange money with the bank.  The player with the most money at the end of the game wins!

Enjoy!  Learning is fun!!

The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are solely mine.  I wasn't asked to review this product nor was I compensated.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


 This month Batman is traveling to Japan courtesy of Little Passports.  Okay, maybe I better clarify.  Batman is embarking on this trip by using his imagination and using products from  Little Passports World Edition to learn more about different countries.   How fun is that?

This program is a subscription service for ages 5-10 years old.  It's $13.95 per month.    Characters Sam and Sofia will visit 2 new countries each month and will send you an exciting package in the mail.  Included is an explorers kit, a letter from Sam and Sofia, neat souvenirs, stickers, a postcard, adventure activities, pictures and more.   You'll also receive a Boarding Pass with a secret access code to play fun games on the website.  There are 24 adventures available and your child will be able to follow Sam and Sofia each month from the comfort of your home.
Sam and Sofia had an amazing time in Japan.  They visited Tsukiji, the biggest fish market in the world located in Tokyo, the capital of Japan.  They ate sushi, made origami flying dinosaurs, and climbed Mt. Fuji just to name a few.  Batman loves sushi so he happy to see the enclosed sushi erasers.   It was the first time he tried origami.  His dinosaur was cute and he placed it on display in his room.

Lots of goodies and all in this awesome explorer's case.

Batman eagerly checking out what came in the mail.

I really liked the Little Passports program and so did Batman.   The creative way of telling a story really enticed Batman to want to learn about different places all over the world.    I liked that I didn't have to prepare as much as normal for a lesson.

As a special thank you to my loyal readers, I will be giving away either the World Edition or the Little Passports USA Edition.  

Good luck and happy learning!

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