I am true northern girl by heart, however I live in sunny Florida with my husband of nine years and our five year old son. We are blessed to also have our immediate family in Florida so we see each other often. I spent 17 years working in upper management in the retail industry until my precious son was born. I chose to be a stay at home mom (that truly is a work at home mom though) and be able to be there to watch my son learn and develop every step of the way. We are blessed to have a husband/father who is able to provide for us because things would be very different without that stability. I spend my days teaching my son and at night I'm the outside watch mom who hangs around monitoring the kids while getting a laugh or two at their silly conversations. By the time my hubby gets home it's time for dinner, some playtime, books, and then bed. I spend my nights researching lessons while trying not to think about those yummy m&m's I just bought. I sit somewhat attentively watching a movie with my husband who I swear has probably seen it a hundred times.

During the last few years I started a mom's group and met so many wonderful people who became my support net. Seeing not only myself but also my son make friendships was so wonderful especially since I was used to working. Play groups, trips to the zoo, water parks, and playgrounds became my life and I loved it. On a regularly scheduled appointment at the pediatrician our doctor commented on my son's incredible thirst for knowledge and started talking to us about our plans for him. Preschool was an option but I tended not to want to go that route since he was learning so much at home and was already socialized so nicely through play groups, school activities, sports, etc. Plus, being on one income would've stretched our budget. The doctor then suggested getting a tutor for our son. We were lucky enough to get him an elementary school kindergarten teacher who would work with him a day or two a week. This was a great support to my son and also to me. The more we worked with the teacher the more I became interested in homeschooling. I'd research everything I could and then more on the subject. As time went on, the idea of homeschooling kept popping up (or was that my hubby whispering it constantly in my ear). Our pediatrician encouraged it and talked to us more and more about it. I went with a friend to a homeschool convention not knowing what to expect. What I saw were educated people, loving their kids and teaching them everything they could. I saw organized programs, exciting classes, and knowledgeable people who I could go to for any question that came to mind. I came home that night and excitedly told my hubby that I was on board with homeschooling.

Our first year homeschooling came and went. Teaching kindergarten was fun, exhausting, but oh so exciting. We joined two homeschool groups and I started one. They afforded us many places to go that were educational and promoted socialization. We loved the science and cultural classes at the local museums and went to classes at the aquarium. We participated in a science fair and later in the year a geography fair. We studies the state of Vermont. My son loved the maple sugar candies we gave out. The first year has been so new and fresh and invigorating. The best time was on the day my son graduated from kindergarten. He sat with his new friends in his bright blue cap and gown grinning from ear to ear. He was a graduate! He was proud of his accomplishments and it showed. He loves homeschooling and knows that when his work is all done it's play time. He knows when his buddies are home from public school so if his work is all done he can ride bikes, play ball, have a water balloon fight, or just sit and talk to his friends. This is an exciting time for our family. Join me and my guest contributors as we take on homeschooling!


  1. Hi Susie,
    Just found your blog and wish you much luck and happy learning. We homeschool from Sequoia National Forest in Ca and love it, even with the doubtful (mom!) moments :) I would love if you checked out my blog when you have time or interest. Take good care!

  2. Susie
    I look forward to following your blog. I'm following you on FB too. :) I homeschooled my 5 year old daughter preschool and now she is in public school for Kindergarten. We are pulling her out during Christmas break. I have two other kids a 3 year old son and an 8 month old daughter. I hate sending my oldest to school I love having her home with me and she learns so much more and so much faster at home. Anyways ...... I look forward to reading your future posts :)
    God Bless