Wednesday, September 25, 2013



I'm so excited to tell you about an amazing giveaway going on right now.    I partnered with 21 pretty amazing bloggers to giveaway 3 Kindle Fires!!   

If you're a new follower to Susie Homeschooler....WELCOME!!!    I'm in my third year homeschooling my son "Batman".   I spend time endlessly searching for the best ways to homeschool and manage our family life.   I'm a night owl and am often up super late perusing my favorite blogs or planning something fabulous to do in our homeschool classroom.

A Big Kindle Fire Giveaway Blog Hop

Myself and a team of 22 other bloggers have joined together to offer 3 winners a Kindle Fire (valued at $159! each). Yep, we are giving away 3 Kindle Fires and there is a BIG chances you can win one but first you have to enter this BIG Giveaway Blog Hop.

Here is how it works...

  1. Comment on my blog by answering the question - you will get one entry
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If you counted it all up, you could have 47 chances to win a Kindle Fire, in 3 different drawings. If you don't have enough time to enter all these entries or visit the sponsors right now, be sure to come back before October 1st, midnight EST, when it closes.

Let's meet the Sponsors of this BIG Kindle Fire Giveaway Blog Hop...

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Winners will be notified by their entry email on October 2nd, after they are confirmed as entering correctly. Winners have 48 hours to provide us with your mailing address before another winner is selected.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Electronic Project Kits for Kids

I knew that my son "Batman" would have a terrific time building and reviewing Genius Light by EEME.   What's not to love...electronics, flashing lights, and a new gadget.   Wait, I can classify this as homework too? SCORE!!!!

What is EEME?
EEME offers project kits for children ages 7-12 that teach them all about electronics.   Each kit comes with all that you need to assemble a project.  The best part is your child can actually watch an online tutorial that will guide you through assembling your project one step at a time.   More importantly, your child will gain a solid understanding of each concept that is covered.

What is the Genius Light Kit?
We reviewed the Genius Light Kit.   This is a pretty cool kit that teaches how to put together an LED circuit system.   Not only does it light up when it's dark, but it dims when it is light.    We received everything we needed to put together this kit (a breadboard, circuits, resistors, LEDs, battery).    Batman and I immediately went to the EEME website to watch the online video that taught step by step how to put the Genius Light together.    WOW!!!  I was super impressed.   Electronics aren't my thing and I will admit I considered giving the project to my husband to help Batman with.   Jack at EEME did an amazing job taking you step by step in the building process.   He was very clear and explained in detail the electrical engineering process.  There were even quiz questions to reinforce learning that I found very helpful.   Batman and I took each step slowly and put our Genius Light together in less then one hour.
There were even quiz questions to reinforce learning that I found very helpful.
The finished Genius Light!!

How do I get a Genius Light?
EEME has several subscription plans to meet every need.  The Builder (Basic) Plan is $18.95 each month.  Initially you'll get breadboard and battery that you'll reuse each month since all projects continue build from past lessons.   Your child will then get a different electronic components each month to build a new project.  Don't forget that you will always have free access online to learn not only how to put the project together but also why it works.

Want to try the Genius Light for free?
I have a special treat for you courtesy of EEME.   Get the Genius Light by clicking here.   This offer expires 9/16/13.   Thank you EEME for this generous offer!!  Check them out on Facebook.

Batman wanted me to add his final thoughts on the Genius Light.
He said "THIS IS SOOOOO COOL"!   I agree,

Monday, September 2, 2013

One Minute Reader iPad App Review
A Mosaic Review

"Better Tools, Better Readers, Brighter Futures"

Today I'm reviewing  The One Minute Reader iPad app by Read Naturally.   This is a great app that allows you to first download it free at iTunes.   You start by testing your child using the placement test that is provided.   It will then tell you exactly what level your child should begin with.   There are six levels in all.   You can purchase small sections for each level that costs $2.99-$4.99 or get the entire level for $19.99.    

My son "Batman" is a really good reader.   Problem is he really doesn't like to read.  What he does like is playing on the ipad.  I thought that maybe, just maybe this might be the answer to getting him to read.   This ipad app was developed to have children improve their reading fluency, and comprehension.    It is suggested that children use the app 3 to 5 times a week for 15 to 20 minutes.  

Batman started at One Minute Reader Level 4.   This level features interesting, nonfiction stories, packed with fascinating information.   Level 4 is a middle fourth-grade reading level and stories do have more complex sentences and difficult words.

The app is pretty simple to use.   The program first starts with the child reading a story and then a model reader reads the story to the child.   The child then reads the story again so they can completely master it.   Each time the child reads the story the child has to tap "start" and they will be timed for one minute.   At the one minute mark the app will ask the child to tap what the last word they read is.   It then brings the child to a graph to show how many words they read.   The student can continue to reread the passage and get a quicker speed.

Batman was super excited to use the ipad for "school".   W hat I liked most was the fact that there were words used in the story that I knew Batman didn't know the meaning of.   Words like this are highlighted so the child simply taps on the word and the definition pops up along with a photo.
I also liked the fact that each child had to answer comprehension questions at the end of each story.   I didn't feel like I had to sit next to him to help because all the work was taken care of for me.

This has been such a great tool to not only foster a love of reader with my son but to encourage growth.   He's reading smoother, faster, and is learning new words and the meaning of them.   I really liked the simple layout and the fact that Batman can do this program on his own and have fun doing it.  

Visit  Read Naturally Facebook or on their website at Read Naturally.