Thursday, January 31, 2013

Turn Your Old Games Into FUN, NEW LEARNING GAMES!

A few months ago I went to a really neat "Enrichment Day" sponsored by a homeschool group that I'm a member of.    The idea was for each member to bring a homemade or commercial game that they adapted for a different use for learning.   The creativity I saw was amazing!  Such fun ideas for learning just by using some creativity.     
One of the mom's had a fabulous idea that involved the building block game "Jenga".    She used it as a learning tool to help her son practice his multiplication facts.   Now my son is in first grade and I haven't begun to teach him that.  What I wanted was a fun game using application facts.  
I simply went to one of my favorite sites called teacherspayteachers and found some FREE  Jenga printables.

I simply printed off the addition equations, cut, and then taped one to each block.  Then we simply played the game like usual.  If you picked a block then you had to answer the addition question.  This was so much fun!

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Check back tomorrow and I'll show you a simple way I practice parts of speech with Batman.   This is all done by recycling a game I have at home. Can you believe that my 6 year old LOVES to figure out the parts of speech and begs me to do this game?


  1. Great idea! Thanks for the printables!

  2. What a neat, creative idea! Never would have thought to do that. I mean, Of course I try to make things fun for the kids by allow them to play learning games like Scrabble or online learning games from websites like ~>, but never thought to alter games. Thank you for sharing! I will defiantly be altering my Jenga game tonight ;)