Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I use a lot of Evan-Moor curriculum when I teach Batman and so do a lot of my friends.   It's user friendly, has a great variety of subjects to choose from, and it's correlated to core standards.  How easy is that?    Evan-Moor has yet another learning opportunity for your child called "Interactive Courseware" .

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Portals is a free learning platform that allows you to launch your Evan-Moor interactive courseware.  It provides a place where, much like itunes, educators can store and access all of their Evan-Moor courseware.   Students are able to work independently while completing interactive lessons.  
Portals comes with a free trial of every one of Evan-Moor's interactive apps.  That's over 150 interactive lessons that you can simply download and use.   If you decide to purchase your app, it will automatically be added to your Portals library where you can easily manage your lessons in one spot. 

Writing is one subject that wasn't Batman's favorite.   Now that he's in first grade I knew this was one area that I was really going to have to work intently on with him.    I had Batman  work on "Super Sentence Maker".
This courseware was broken down into three sections: builders, starters, and creators.

In the "builders" section Batman had to build a sentence broken down in three main areas: describing word, who or what, and did what.
I would then save the sentence so we could talk about it.   I sometimes would have him point out the noun or verb as an extra since we were also working on that in school.

In the "starters" section Batman would have to pick sentence and add a describing word for it.   He could also use a machine to generate a sentence answering where, when, what, etc.  This was a great way for him to learn about drawing out his sentence.  

In the "creators" section, Batman was given a sentence but had to make changes to it.   That included coming up with a new who, what, where, and when.

I noticed that Batman started writing using more descriptive words which made for better sentences.   This learning platform also had three levels to it so he could easily move on to the next level once he was ready.

I really like the "Super Sentence Maker" and have been impressed with the growth Batman has shown in his writing.  I was encouraged enough that I started teaching creative writing in my homeschool co-op this term.    I couldn't believe it when Batman told me that writing is his favorite class!!!!

Download Portals today and receive a free trial of every Evan-Moor app.
Choose from subjects such as spelling, geography, science, math, and more! Great for all age groups and learning levels!

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  1. We have the Colonial America Grades 4-6 and loved it. Would love to have this one to add to our studies. Thanks for the giveaway.