Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Classical Historian

As a member of the Mosaic Review Team, I had the opportunity to review a history game by The Classical Historian.   Batman just finished first grade and I've only touched a bit on Ancient History.   Medieval History Memory Game was our first introduction to this time period.

This game will help children learn about important historical people, symbols, maps, monuments, etc.  It's a good starting point when it comes to teaching medieval history to children.   This game comes with 64 matching images on sturdy cardboard and eight category tiles.   It can be played two ways: Matching or Categories.  

  This is a classic matching game appropriate for ages three and up.  The player who finds the most matching pairs wins.   This is the game that Batman and I played many times since the medieval time period was new to him.  I especially liked how each card had the name of historical people, symbols, places, etc on it.   Batman would read the card each time he picked it up.  After awhile he became very familiar with the cards and his pronunciation was spot on.

 Another way to place this game was to put the pictures in categories (Europe, The Americas, The Far East, and Arabia).   A player is timed on how fast they could put the cards under the correct headings.   This would be great for an older child (7 and up) and but not one Batman was ready for.  

   .Medieval History Matching Game just $14.95.
Covers Ancient, Medieval, and American History.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with what Batman learned why playing this game.   He had a lot of fun with it and actually wanted to learn more about history.  This game totally prepared us for our studies on medieval  times.  Great quality, great price, great time educating!  

Learning can be fun!

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