Monday, July 22, 2013


                                        BEFORE                                                        AFTER

Need a fun project to keep the kids busy?  Homemade chia pets are so much fun.  Best of all, it's the type of project that keeps on giving.

What you'll need:
1 knee high stocking
1 tablespoon of grass seed
1-2 cups of potting soil
1 plastic cup
Decorative eyes, etc.

Simply take a stocking and pour the grass seed in and then add the potting soil next.   Form a ball shape and tie the stocking underneath.  Have your child glue eyes and a nose on the front.  Place your new pet on top of the open part of the cup.  Make sure that it doesn't fall in though.  You might need to more soil if needed.  Water the "head" lightly.   Now wait a day or two until the "hair" grows.

Now the fun begins!  Watch your chia's hair grow!!

Batman has been having loads of fun.  Every two days or so he enjoys cutting his chia's hair.    Did I mention that his name is Puddles?   He got a mohawk a few days ago and a just a trim today.


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