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One Minute Reader iPad App Review
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Today I'm reviewing  The One Minute Reader iPad app by Read Naturally.   This is a great app that allows you to first download it free at iTunes.   You start by testing your child using the placement test that is provided.   It will then tell you exactly what level your child should begin with.   There are six levels in all.   You can purchase small sections for each level that costs $2.99-$4.99 or get the entire level for $19.99.    

My son "Batman" is a really good reader.   Problem is he really doesn't like to read.  What he does like is playing on the ipad.  I thought that maybe, just maybe this might be the answer to getting him to read.   This ipad app was developed to have children improve their reading fluency, and comprehension.    It is suggested that children use the app 3 to 5 times a week for 15 to 20 minutes.  

Batman started at One Minute Reader Level 4.   This level features interesting, nonfiction stories, packed with fascinating information.   Level 4 is a middle fourth-grade reading level and stories do have more complex sentences and difficult words.

The app is pretty simple to use.   The program first starts with the child reading a story and then a model reader reads the story to the child.   The child then reads the story again so they can completely master it.   Each time the child reads the story the child has to tap "start" and they will be timed for one minute.   At the one minute mark the app will ask the child to tap what the last word they read is.   It then brings the child to a graph to show how many words they read.   The student can continue to reread the passage and get a quicker speed.

Batman was super excited to use the ipad for "school".   W hat I liked most was the fact that there were words used in the story that I knew Batman didn't know the meaning of.   Words like this are highlighted so the child simply taps on the word and the definition pops up along with a photo.
I also liked the fact that each child had to answer comprehension questions at the end of each story.   I didn't feel like I had to sit next to him to help because all the work was taken care of for me.

This has been such a great tool to not only foster a love of reader with my son but to encourage growth.   He's reading smoother, faster, and is learning new words and the meaning of them.   I really liked the simple layout and the fact that Batman can do this program on his own and have fun doing it.  

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