Sunday, September 8, 2013

Electronic Project Kits for Kids

I knew that my son "Batman" would have a terrific time building and reviewing Genius Light by EEME.   What's not to love...electronics, flashing lights, and a new gadget.   Wait, I can classify this as homework too? SCORE!!!!

What is EEME?
EEME offers project kits for children ages 7-12 that teach them all about electronics.   Each kit comes with all that you need to assemble a project.  The best part is your child can actually watch an online tutorial that will guide you through assembling your project one step at a time.   More importantly, your child will gain a solid understanding of each concept that is covered.

What is the Genius Light Kit?
We reviewed the Genius Light Kit.   This is a pretty cool kit that teaches how to put together an LED circuit system.   Not only does it light up when it's dark, but it dims when it is light.    We received everything we needed to put together this kit (a breadboard, circuits, resistors, LEDs, battery).    Batman and I immediately went to the EEME website to watch the online video that taught step by step how to put the Genius Light together.    WOW!!!  I was super impressed.   Electronics aren't my thing and I will admit I considered giving the project to my husband to help Batman with.   Jack at EEME did an amazing job taking you step by step in the building process.   He was very clear and explained in detail the electrical engineering process.  There were even quiz questions to reinforce learning that I found very helpful.   Batman and I took each step slowly and put our Genius Light together in less then one hour.
There were even quiz questions to reinforce learning that I found very helpful.
The finished Genius Light!!

How do I get a Genius Light?
EEME has several subscription plans to meet every need.  The Builder (Basic) Plan is $18.95 each month.  Initially you'll get breadboard and battery that you'll reuse each month since all projects continue build from past lessons.   Your child will then get a different electronic components each month to build a new project.  Don't forget that you will always have free access online to learn not only how to put the project together but also why it works.

Want to try the Genius Light for free?
I have a special treat for you courtesy of EEME.   Get the Genius Light by clicking here.   This offer expires 9/16/13.   Thank you EEME for this generous offer!!  Check them out on Facebook.

Batman wanted me to add his final thoughts on the Genius Light.
He said "THIS IS SOOOOO COOL"!   I agree,

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