Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I teach Creative Writing II at my local homeschool co-op.    I wanted to incorporate book reports but in a fun way since many of the students in the class had never done one before.     I found the perfect introduction with cereal box commercials.

I asked each child to either reread or read a new book.   They had to then fill out their box the following way after covering it with construction paper:

1.  On the front side they listed the title of the book and drew a cover.
2.  On the back side they drew their favorite scene from the book.
3.  On the top part they listed the title, author, and rated the book.
4.  On the right side they listed the setting and characters.
5.  On the left hand side they listed the setting of the story.

All of the printables can be found free at Lakeshore Learning.

The students then got up in front of  class and told us all about their story like it was a commercial for their book.  It was great fun and the kids did fantastic!

My son read the book The Chocolate Touch.  This project allowed us to review again story elements such as setting, characters, problem/event, and conclusion.

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