Sunday, December 29, 2013

REVIEW for Homeschool Mosaics

I'm a Florida girl enjoying the beautiful sunshine and warm weather.   Why would I have dry skin?  One problem that I have is that I'm always walking around in bare feet.  The bottoms get dry and rough for sure.   I treat myself now and again to a pedicure but frankly I need to pamper my feet everyday.  Sandal weather is coming up soon so I was thankful to be given the opportunity by Mosaic Reviews to check out some new products.

Thank you for being so generous Udderly Smooth.  Look at all the wonderful products I got to try.
Need help with your dry skin?   Read on....

Made in the USA for over thirty years,  Udderly Smooth products contain rich moisturizing ingredients.  They can be used on Dry Skin, Cracked Skin, for Diabetes Foot Care, as a Facial Moisturizer, and as a General Moisturizing Lotion.   Started by a Pharmacist, anyone can use these products from head to toe.

There are two things I don't like with lotions.   I can't stand any greasy residue feeling.   When it's hot outside I don't want to feel like I have lotion on.   Another thing I don't like is products that have a heavy fragrance to them.  I have sensitive skin so I'm very aware of the products I put on my skin.

I was worried that the body cream was going to be really thick and greasy.  Wrong again!  It glided on easily and instantly soaked into my skin.  I just had to use a tiny bit because it went on so light.  The cream has a very faint fragrance to it which I actually liked.  I did a test for one day and only put the lotion on one arm and one leg.   It was amazing to see the difference between the differences between the two.   My sensitive skin loved it.

My greatest concern I'll admit was the hand lotion.   Now this particular hand lotion did have a light fragrance but also does come in a fragrance free option.   The lotion literally soaked right into my skin with absolutely no residue.   I haven't had any dry skin.  I love that I can just throw a tube in my purse and always have it with me.  Just $2.75 for a 4oz. tube or $1.75 for a 2oz. this product will last a long time.

Now we all know that you can buy lotions and creams just about everywhere.   I have to tell you that I'm one picky customer.  My friends can attest to how I can't stand perfumes, scents, etc.    First of all, these products are made here!!!  Yes, MADE IN THE U.S.A.  Second of all, my sensitive skin totally loved them.  Not one breakout or rash.   No greasy feeling ever.  To top it off.  These products are AFFORDABLE!

Check out where you can buy these amazing products.   Just look for the black and white cow spots. Remember, a little goes a looooooong way!


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