Monday, December 3, 2012

Ivan Becomes a Hero
Book Review and Giveaway

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting author Linda R. Brocato.   Linda was a guest speaker for our homeschool group and talked to us about great ways to make reading and writing more fun for our children.   Linda's simple yet effective advice was something that I was easily able to adapt to at home while homeschooling my son. 

Linda has written a beautiful book called Ivan Becomes a Hero.   It's a story about a little, gangly giraffe who does not like who he is.   He wants to be a zebra, then a water buffalo, when the other animals bully and make fun of him.

The story delves deeper when Baby Hilary the Hippo gets into trouble by falling into a deep, dark hole.  Ivan is the only one who can save her since he is the only one with a long neck and legs, and keen hearing to find her.   Ivan draws strength from the word's his mother repeatedly told him whenever he felt bad.  She said how "Fearfully and wonderfully he is made" which is found in Psalm 139:14.

All the other animals declare that Ivan is a hero after he rescues Baby Hilary. Zeke, the leader of the zebras, and Wally, leader of the buffaloes, say they are sorry for bullying Ivan.   All the other animals want to be his friend too. 
 At the end of the story Ivan has learned to accept himself for who he is and to celebrate his unique differences.  Ivan declares "I like being me!"

There is a special "Hidden Hearts" game included in this book that was so much fun for my son to look at.  "Hidden Hearts" are secretly placed throughout the illustrations beautifully done by Donna Brooks.  

One thing I love most about this book is Ivan isn't different that different from you and me.  He has insecurities and needs to learn how to work through them.   God has made Ivan different and that is one reason why he is so special.   This book is so wonderful on focusing on values and that is such an important lesson for us to appreciate.   As children grow they are constantly looking for acceptance and this book gives the reader a good understanding 
about self-acceptance. 

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  1. Sweet story, thanks for sharing! Of course, I like this story because I have a special boy with special gifts.

  2. I was bummed to have missed this, but we were under the weather. Sounds like a wonderful book.