Tuesday, December 4, 2012


"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see"-Mark Twain

I can still remember the day perfectly about ten years ago.   I was driving to work and stopped to pay a toll.   The attendant told me I didn't have to pay because the person before me had given extra money for me.   At first I was bewildered but soon a big smile appeared on my face and stayed there for most of the day.    A simple gesture, from someone I didn't know, made my day!   That unique feeling of pure joy was one that I wanted to feel again.

As the years have passed my husband and I have tried to do random acts of kindness.   We've paid money in tolls, purchased dinner for people who we didn't know, helped out people in need, etc.   Our goal has always been to remain anonymous and to just find the joy in helping others.

Now that we have a son we want to pass on to him the joy of giving without receiving.   This is our commitment all year round.

Check out 25 ways you can make a difference below.

1.  Visit a nursing home.  They love seeing little children.  We threw a Christmas Party on Sunday at an assisted living facility.  It was so easy to organize and it was a blessing to us all.
2.   Take cookies to the local police department or fire station.
3.  Bring a box of candy to your local librarians.
4.  Put an item on Craig's List for free.
5.  Write a complimentary letter about an employee.
6.  Put extra money at the vending machine.
7.  Bring a bag of dog or cat food to an animal shelter.
8.  Have your child pack up a box of his or her toys to donate them to a worthwhile cause.
9.   Give a compliment to a stranger.
10.  Drop off some canned food items at your local food pantry.
11.   Bring in those pesky carts at your local supermarket or Walmart.
12.  Hide single dollar bills on the shelf in a store.  Imagine the smile on the person's face who finds it.
13.  Make a card or treat for the Pastor of your church.
14.   Have your child draw a picture for your mailman and include a box of candy or cookies.
15.  While out to eat pay for someone else's dinner.
16.  Next time you're in line at Starbucks pay for the coffee of the person next to you.
17.   Send a family in need an anonymous gift card.
18.   Pick up litter anywhere.
19.  Buy an extra lottery ticket and give it to someone.
20.   Give your restaurant server an extra big tip.
21.   Bring extra blankets to a shelter.
22.  Hold the door open for someone and say hello.
23.  Bring some flowers to a local hospital and ask them to give it too someone who needs them.
24.  Pay for someone's toll at a toll booth.
25.  Next time you're in line at McDonald's, pay for the person behind you. 

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  1. I like to be a "coupon fairy" and leave high value coupons on items like baby formula, diapers, etc. on the shelves for the next purchaser to find and use!