Saturday, December 15, 2012


Have you ever been in a sticky situation where your child is in need of a Wet One stat?  I have so I entered an awesome contest that Wet Ones is having on Facebook called Sticky Situations.   It's really simple!  Just go to Wet Ones Sticky Situation Contest on Facebook and upload your best sticky situation and the story behind it.

Do you have a sticky Birthday Party picture to share?  Every year my son ends up with more cake on his hands and face then what he ate.  I always laugh and then proceed to clean the colored frosting off him.   I'm a huge fans of Wet Ones!   I always have a canister for my car and the individually wrapped Wet Ones for my purse.  I never leave home without them.  They are great to wipe down a supermarket cart.  These places are loaded with nasty germs.    

Another way I use Wet Ones is before we eat any food while going out for food.   Before we place our food order at a drive-thru the first thing we do is to all wash our hands with Wet Ones.    When we eat inside a restaurant we wash our hands and clean the table.   

Now is the time to enter the contest.  Dig up your best photo and submit it by December 28.   You could win the 
Grand Prize of a brand new Ipad mini

or 3 runner-ups will win

Tickets for 4 people to go to Six Flags

Good Luck!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Wet Ones. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

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