Thursday, August 8, 2013

2013-14 Curriculum Choices & School Theme

It's that time of year again to announce our 2013-14 curriculum choices & school theme.    This is our third year homeschooling and by now I have a pretty good idea on what works best for us.  Below are what I've chosen for Batman who is going into second grade.  

LITERATURE:  Moving Beyond the Page
VOCABULARY:   Evan Moor A Word a Day
SPELLING: All About Spelling
HANDWRITING: PreScripts by Classical Conversations
TYPING:   Still undecided
ROBOTICS:  Select Lego Products
TECHNOLOGY: 2nd Grade Technology
P.E.:  Still deciding

*We will continue to participate in our Homeschool Co-op each week.
*We belong to two homeschool groups in the area.  We will enjoy going to many exciting field trips during the year.
*We also do a once a month science, math, and also a cultural class at the local children's museum.  In addition Batman will be taking a class at the aquarium.

EXTRACURRICULAR (Batman's choice)
Karate (Batman is on summer hiatus after doing it for two years but wants to start up again).
Church Choir

My awesome brother-in-law Mark is a high school science teacher.  He recently found out that his suggestion of "On Track to AWESOME" was chosen by his peers to be the 2013-14 school theme.  It took all of 10 seconds for me to decide to also have it be our homeschool theme for the year.   Wait until I show you how I'm going to make this "AWESOME"!

WHEW!   A lot of thought and planning has gone into this year.  I hope you enjoy a look at our homeschool curriculum and new school theme.   


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