Thursday, August 15, 2013

"On Track to AWESOME"

Love our theme this year "On Track to AWESOME".   My AWESOME Brother-in-Law Mark is a high school science teacher.   He came up with this slogan for the new school year and his peers voted to use it for the school motto.    I thought it was AWESOME too.

Btw, Batman thinks Uncle Mark is totally AWESOME!!!

I made a tree and have a mixture of paw prints and apple cut outs.   Each time Batman does AWESOME with his school work (test, project, etc.) he will get a paw print to put on the wall with the reason printed on it.   I can't wait to see the tracks going up and down all over the wall.   Have a positive attitude and earn an apple for the tree.   
10 Apples= Reward
10 Paw Prints= Reward

 History & Geography
 Batman loves his desk by the window!  Love this organizer that I found at Michael's.   Keeps our pencils, tape, markers, etc. organized in one place.
 Can't forget the ceiling!
How many days are in each month?
  Love this...
"It's a Great Day to Learn Something New"!
 and again!
 Our daily schedule includes the two charts on the right.   Bottom left shows "specials" that Batman does like on certain days.  These include art, music, computer lab, etc.
 Love this chart.   The goal is for Batman to read 50 books.
 Weekly Spelling and Vocabulary Study List.
We're going to try boxes this year to keep our daily work organized.
Language Arts review and game.
Totally fun math game that I will use every morning as we start our day.
 We go on amazing field trips.   Pretty soon Batman can post pictures of his adventures with his friends.
 Basic calendar and schedule.

Batman is so excited for the new school year to start because he LOVES his classroom!

He's excited so I'm excited!

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  1. It looks great! I love the idea of the tree with rewards! I may swipe that idea for my 6 year old...she's having trouble staying motivated so that just might work. :)