Thursday, August 15, 2013


A few months ago a friend told me all about the Learn Our History DVD series.  This animated program teaches your child about American history.  Children learn about important historical figures and events that helped shape our country.  Best yet, they'll develop a deep appreciation for American and the freedom we have.

"Positive, Patriotic. and Unbiased US History"

In each video a team of five kids travel through time on a bicycle and discover what life was like in a specific historical period.  My six year old "Batman" and I sat down and watched The American Revolution: The Birth of a Revolution.  The teens traveled back to Boston, Massachusetts in the 1700's and learned about the events that led to the Revolutionary War and thereafter.   Inspired by the Bible and their strong views against British taxation and oppression, the colonists broke away from England to form a new democratic republic.

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised at how well Batman understood the concepts in this dvd program.   He had a very clear understanding about taxation and why the colonists and loyalists fought.  I liked how the teens in the program also asked questions and got clear answers.  That clearly was helpful to my son.   Best of all, the film is presented in a patriotic and faith based way.  It shows children how people can contribute to their country by serving.  They also can appreciate that America has provided for them in so many ways.

The simple graphics were nice.   Not overly done though or to the tune of Pixar animation.   That's okay too because this is simply history and it doesn't need to be done.  The story sells itself.

Each film in the Learn Our History  series  comes with a learning guide and supplements that are downloadable free.   Timelines, discussion topics, biographies, games, quizes and so much more.  I especially liked the discussion questions that allowed Batman and I a chance to further talk the program in detail.   The timeline is great since it helps kids understand the different chain of events over time.

Can I tell you another item that I LOVE about Learn Our History?  Kids can enjoy the videos any time and anywhere.   Play the series on your computer, ipad, iphone, ipod, or any internet-connected device that's equipped with a web browser.  SCORE!!!
Batman watching The American Revolution on the ipad.  

There are 20 Learn Our History dvd's online.  Click on a video for a FREE preview.  LOH is offering a free dvd for you to try out at home.  All you have to do is pay shipping and handling.  Try it out!  
If you like the program (and I know you will) then you get each dvd, online streaming, and the lesson guide for just $11.95 a month plus shipping and handling.  Each month you will receive a different program and something new to learn about.  Just check out their website at Learn Our History.
Satisfaction guaranteed!!

I'm really happy with this program and I have decided to use the entire package as part of Batman's history curriculum this school year.  This program is perfect for all ages.  Adults will love it too.   


I received a free dvd for this review from Learn Our History  I received no other compensation.   My thoughts and opinions are my own.

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