Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Batman enjoyed doing a simple art project using a bit of nature and some paint.    I love this time of year and relish the change of seasons and colors.  Enjoy doing this simple project with your child.   They'll love the results!

What you'll need: 
1 piece of white paper (preferably of heavier weight)
1 piece of color construction paper to frame
assortment of leaves
crayons (paper taken off)
water colors
paint brush
cup of water
glue stick

First take a nature walk and pick different types and sizes of leaves.   Point out how leaves are normally different colors.  Also, show the veins of the leaves.

Place the leaf underneath the white paper vein side up.  Next take a crayon and rub up and down on the paper hard.  Also, rub side to side hard.   Mix your colors and see how awesome it looks.

Now take water colors and paint side to side.   Cover any white areas.   Little dabs of purple on green leaves or yellow on pink leaves looks amazing!
Don't be afraid to mix colors!

Now it's time to glue your artwork to your "frame" using a solid color piece of construction paper.  Batman choose red to compliment his artwork.

Batman's artwork is beautiful and brings a bit of fall right into the house.


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