Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grades 1-3

Last week we learned about the brain (see original post) and had so much fun!  Batman and Superman loved learning how the brain worked.    Their favorite part was touching the bowl of cooked spaghetti noodles that I made to replica the brain.  Oh that, and the learning about the five senses.

This week Batman and Superman learned about the heart and lungs courtesy of Evan-Moor "How Your Body Works".

How Your Body Works covers these concepts:
  • bodies change as they grow older
  • the body has external and internal parts
  • the brain controls the body and is the center of thinking
  • we use five senses to find out about our world
  • the body has lungs for breathing
  • the body digests food for energy
  • the heart pumps blood throughout the body
  • bones support and help move the body, muscles help the body move.

Batman and Robin colored worksheets here on the heart. We used a ketchup bottle to show how blood is pumped.    The boys also got to see exactly where the heart is located in the body courtesy of "Mr Half".

We also did an experiment using a squeeze bottle and attached a balloon to it.  This showed how the lungs inflate and then deflate.   Sorry that I don't have pictures of this.  My camera went crazy and they came out hazy.

Here Superman took his colored picture of the trachea and lungs and glued them on his "body".  The kids love this part!

Evan-Moor offers step by step instructions broken down in different sections.   Activity worksheets and mini booklets are also included.  I really like this part.  Also, experiments are easy to do and I normally have all the stuff I need at home to complete it.

Next week we'll move on to the digestive system.  Now that should be fun!

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