Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Making a word folder has simply been on of the best things I've done this school year so far.   Batman is in first grade and like most boys doesn't like to write.   He's a pretty good speller overall however there are still many words that he needs to learn.   Many words don't follow the regular "rules" that we go by to spell.   Seeing these words over and over again has helped him immensely since we started the new school year.  Now writing these words has become very familiar to him.

I first learned about word walls a few months ago from a second grade teacher.   She told me that in each classroom they have word walls to help the children write more cleanly using sight words.  In our house we have a dedicated school room however I was reluctant to take use one whole wall just for words.   I came up with this handy chart that I can take anywhere.  Best of all, Batman LOVES it!

What you'll need:
two file folders
three pieces of paper
your sight words

I took two file folders and overlapped the middle and then stapled.  This folder now had three sections.  I divided the sections in pages.  On the first page I listed letters A-I.  On the second page J-R.  On the third page S-Z.
I then simply put a word document together and labeled the top with a letter of the alphabet.  For instance for the letter "a" I put "Aa" so on.  I then typed out in alphabetical order the words I wanted on the list.  I used all kindergarten and first grade sight words and also added a few extras that I wanted on it.

Each time Batman writes he brings out his word wall.  He's becoming less dependent on it and can remember words quicker.   I love it and am noticing his writing is getting better!