Sunday, October 21, 2012

Native Americans History Pocket Review & Giveaway by Evan-Moor

I have been waiting for months to be able to study Native Americans with Batman.   It's the perfect time with Thanksgiving right around the corner.   
I've never done any history pockets before and I was intrigued to say the least.   Check out my review below on this product and enter for a chance to win Native American History Pocket by Evan-Moor (a $15.99 value) for grades 1-3.

The night before we started the project I got our history pockets ready. 
On the front cover you'll see the eight tribes that we'll be learning about including:
The Inuit of the Arctic
The Tlingit of the Northwest
The Nez Perce of the Plateau
The Maidu of California
The Sioux of the Plains
The Navajo of the Southwest
The Iroquois of the Northeast
The Seminole of the Southeast

Each pocket contains:
a reproducible pocket label
three dictionary words and pictures, plus a shelter stamp
a fact sheet of background information for the teacher
a reproducible students booklet complete with illustrations
arts and crafts projects
writing activities

I made an extra pocket inside to hold the picture dictionary, fact sheet, and map.  I really liked the fact sheet because there were stark contrasts in every tribe.  It was really easy for Batman to see these differences and for us to discuss them.   Each tribe had three cards to go into the picture dictionary.  Batman would write something about the picture to help him remember about that specific tribe.  There was also a map piece to glue on that clearly showed where the tribe lived.
 Each tribe had their own pocket.   Day one we studied The Inuits of the Arctic.    Batman loved ice fishing and wrote about what it would be like to be an Inuit living on the tundra.

 On day two we studied The Tlingit of the Northwest.   Batman created a raven clan crayon-resist mask that were normally worn at the potlatch celebration.  He also made a  totem pole layer book.  The Tlingit carved animal symbols on totem poles to help them tell their family histories.

On day three we studied The Nez Perce of the Plateau and learned about Chief Joseph.  Batman wrote down different adjectives to describe a good leader (strong, brave, etc).   He also created an appaloosa ornament.   Horses were greatly valued because they could move swiftly in battle, outrun buffalo, and carry supplies.  To show their importance, beautiful ornaments, harnesses, etc were worn on their foreheads.

 I didn't post pictures for the rest of the tribes since I figured you have the idea already on how the history pockets work.

Things I LOVE about the pockets:
*Everything is so organized!  One pocket for each tribe.  
*I had all of the supplies at home including yarn, watercolor paint, glue, scissors, construction paper, etc.
*The stories were easy to understand.  The crafts related directly to what we learned about in the story.

On a side note, I truly enjoyed this booklet.   I caught myself at different times of the day thinking about the lesson that we'd just learned.  Funny enough, I caught my husband studying it too during a late night snack attack.

Now it's your chance to try and win your own copy of Native American History Pockets!  Enter below!!

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  2. I literally just pulled my daughter from public schools today. We start homeschooling on Monday! So I would love to win :)

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