Monday, May 20, 2013

Hands On Math with K'NEX

Batman loves math and anything that requires building.   I came upon this really cool kit K'NEX Education-Elementary Math and Geometry a few months ago on amazon.  I thought it would be a perfect accompany to our math lessons.  Batman thinks it's a treat to build things for school work.  We ended up working on this kit for two solid hours!    I was able to solidly teach new concepts to Batman that he grasped quite clearly.
   This set allows children to build, investigate, and explore math and geometry concepts in a 2-D and 3-D world.  There is a teacher's guide that covers key terms and vocabulary.   There are also 142 K'NEX parts and enough parts to build 38 lessons.   The possibilities are endless.   I loved that  each lesson offered a series of questions to ask the student.
Here is Batman building a 3-D rectangular prism.  Today we talked about lines & angles, triangles, squares, rectangles and learned what a quadrilaterals is.   We then moved on to 2-D and 3-D shapes and had fun building every type of example.   Here are a few questions I asked Batman:

1.  How many faces on each shape?
2.  How many edges on each shape?
3.  How many vertices does each shape have?

We have much more to do with this kit.  I can see us using this to discuss fractions, symmetry, congruency, angles, and so much more.


This review is based on my own personal opinion.  I wasn't asked nor compensated by K'NEX in anyway to do this review.

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