Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 I'm just finishing up my second year of homeschooling my son "Batman".    I've spent countless hours researching everything that has to do with homeschooling.  That is except, how to properly track grades and activities.
I was so happy to have been given the opportunity by Mosaic Reviews to learn about this process using My Home School Grades.    Now I can get a jump start on documenting results the easiest way I know how.

A solid transcript is key to success and further advancement.   This service manages grades and activities for every child in your family.  It provides your child with a professional and official college ready transcript.

I have to say that this is a super easy program to use.  Simply login and follow the easy to use prompts.   The first thing you do is go to the section "Add a student".   This is where you insert your child's name along with an optional profile picture. 

Next, simply add the title of each specific class, credit hours, school year, length of the class, and grade level.  You can even code if the class was an ap/honors class.   Don't see the specific curriculum offered that you want to add?   Simply request MHSG to add it and they will.  Grades can be entered as a letter, number, or fraction. 

One area that I especially liked was that you can also document "activities" in each transcript.   If your child has participated in music for example, then this is the place to notate it.   Don't see your particular activity from the drop down menu?   Simply contact MHSG's and they will add it for you.

  MHSG's can be accessed by any laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Now you're just one click away from an official looking transcript.

My Home School Grades is offering everyone a free 14 day trial.  If you love it as much as I do then you'll want to join fast!  A lifetime family membership is just $49.99!

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  1. I love that you can figure it out in about five minutes!