Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Etiquette Factory

The Etiquette Factory 
for Mosaic Reviews

As a member of Mosaic Reviews I was given the opportunity to review Etiquette for Beginners by The Etiquette Factory.   This program is created by a fellow homeschool mom, Monica Irvine (a.k.a. Ms. Mary Manners) who is a certified etiquette instructor.  The Etiquette Factory is a 3-level approach to teaching proper manners.    Starting with the basics like good hygiene to going on a job interview as a teen, children will learn etiquette in a simple, fun way.

This program is for children from preschool to fourth grade.   It's a 12-week course that covers topics including table manners, good hygiene, being a guest, and a clean mouth.   This is a program that only takes a few minutes each day to implement.   Parents get a Teacher's Manual that clearly reviews the etiquette skill to be covered.   Each week your child will focus on one etiquette skill by watching a dvd lesson with Ms. Mary Manners .   Then they will hear a great story that further illustrates the etiquette skill.   Next, children have fun as they sing and dance using the Jukebox DVD.   The songs are really fun and your child will love them.  Statistics show children learn more when singing, rhyming, and chanting so this cd is a sure hit.   At the end of the program for the week, children will "Make a Special Treat".   These treats are simply a way celebrate their accomplishment of finishing a week of etiquette training.

A  great addition to the program is teaching children their table manners with the instructional placemats.   Sold in a set of four, these laminated placemats are colorful and teach exactly how to set a table using the diagram.  Helpful table manner hints are also written on the placemats such as "remember to thank the cook".

There are also two other levels for your child to master as they get older.  
Level 2: Etiquette Intermediate 4th grade and up
Level 3:  Etiquette Masters for Teens
Buy all three levels for $99.95.

*I thought the program was extremely easy to use.  The Teacher's Manual was clear and it took very little time and effort to implement the topic of the week.
*My son "Batman" loved the songs and really had fun with it.
*The placemats are awesome!  Batman loves to set the table correctly each day.
*My son six year old has definitely learned from this program.

*The Beginner Combo is $69.95 which I felt to be a bit steep in price.
*The "Make a Special Treat"  food item almost always involved a sugary treat with ingredients like m&m's, fruit roll-ups, sprinkles, and candy toppings.   I would've liked to see healthier food choices to give.

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