Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm teaching Creative Writing to first and second graders in my homeschool co-op.   My goal for this class is to make writing fun and easy.  Half of the class love to write and half hate it.   Hopefully I'll have a group of happy writers each week.

The focus on the first class was learning about acrostic poems.  The kids loved this and thought it was easy.    Now it was on to writing bio poems using the packet biopeomsmadeeasy that I got free on TeacherspayTeachers. I used this simple template and had each child write the answers to the questions on the line provided.

First Name______________ 
3 Words That Describe You_____________
Lover of______________
Who is able to__________ 
Who feels______________
Who wonders___________
Who fears______________________
Who would like to________
Who dreams_____________

I first did an example on the board describing myself.
Creative, Energetic, Thoughtful
Lover of good books, chocolate, and lip gloss
Who is able to make pierogies from scratch
Who feels happy being with family
Who wonders what heaven is like
Who fears spiders and snakes
Who would like to travel the world
Who dreams of the day when there will be peace on this earth

Now it was time for the kids to do their own bio poem.  Batman wrote his and couldn't wait to read his in front of the class.   

Fun, Cool, Fast
Lover of Batman and Spiderman
Who is able to ride my bike really fast
Who feels happy
Who wonders why I can't eat lollipops for breakfast
Who fears snakes
Who would like to play
Who dreams of mommy and daddy

All of the kids did amazing and almost all wanted to get up and read their bio poem in front of the class.   I gave homework to each child to go home and write a bio poem on a fictional or non-fictional character.   Can you guess who Batman chose?  You guessed it...Batman!  =)

Next week...diamante poems.

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  1. I teach creative writing to kids, and I stumbled on a really effective trick. Let them listen to audiobooks. There's something about hearing the stories read aloud that engages the kids differently. It almost becomes theater to them. Then they try to emulate that. There's lots of sites where you can download audiobooks for kids, but I use this one a lot because their stories are free, and also original. So much better than letting them hear stories they've already heard a million times. Here's the link, if anyone is interested.