Friday, February 15, 2013

Evan-Moor "Explorers of North America"
Grades 4-6+

Evan-Moor, leader in education material recently gave me the opportunity to review "History Pockets-Explorers of North America" for grades 4-6+.   Batman got a lot out of the History Pockets we did for grades 1-3 so I was excited to see what the next level was all about.   I was lucky enough to have my special helper "Wonder Woman" complete this product since she is the appropriate age for this special project.

  This book contains eleven discover pockets that feature:
*a reproducible pocket label
*a bookmark of short, fun facts about the subject
*a reference map of the voyage(s) made by the explorer
*a fact sheet of background information for teacher and students
*arts and crafts projects
*writing activities

The book includes the following pockets:
*Introduction to Explorers of North America
*Christopher Columbus
*John Cabot
*Hernando Cortes
*Jacques Cartier
*Sir Francis Drake
*Henry Hudson
*Daniel Boone
*James Cook
*Lewis and Clark
*John Wesley Powell

“I really, really liked the Daniel Boone History Pocket that we did because their were lots of hands on arts and crafts such as coloring, pasting and creating poems.  At times I really had to think but that is fine with me because I enjoy a challenge.  Thank you.”
~ Wonder Woman
“As a home educator, I truly appreciate the fun-aspect of the Evan-Moor History Pockets.  The directions are clear, the materials are easy to assemble and within a short time, my child can see the fruit of her labor.  The pages come to life when colored with colored pencils or crayons, and the homemade pockets are great to store the beautifully illustrated unit study in as a keepsake to enjoy.  The amount of projects in Explorers of North America Grades 4-6 allowed us to choose what we wanted to cover based on our other studies.  With eleven projects to choose from, we were well-provided with great lessons and fun, fast facts.  Though we could have completed the project in one day, we chose to take our time throughout the week and really talk about the fast facts and the ‘about’ page which taught us a lot about Daniel Boone’s life and adventures, while the limerick activity gave us some new knowledge in Language Arts.  Evan-Moor has really captured a great niche with the History Pockets – we plan to start on the other ten projects right away!” -Wonder Woman's mom

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