Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Are you ready for some fun?

I'm very excited to be organizing a USA Post Card Swap for all of our fellow homeschoolers.   What is this you might ask?  It's when one person from each state agrees to send out post cards from their state to every person participating.   How awesome is this?

Think of how fun it will be to see all of those post cards arrive in your mailbox.  This is a fantastic opportunity to help your child learn while having loads of fun.    Get out your map of the United States and encourage your child to find each state that a post card arrives for.   Place a star on your map for easy reference.   The learning curve on this is endless!

How do you sign up?
I will be accepting the first person in each state that emails me at Susiehomeschooler@aol.com.   Please send me your name and address along with the name of your state in the subject line.   Once I receive all the requests I will then email out the address list to all of the participants.
If you receive an email from me directly then you are confirmed for the state you live in.   If there is enough interest we will then do a second swap.    Please email me if you're interested no later then Wednesday, March 6th.

Sorry ladies and gents but I have to grab Florida as my state.  Can't wait to send you all out a post card!

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