Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It's been one of those summers where it's been raining almost everyday here in Florida.   My son and I had numerous discussions about droughts, rainfall, and different weather patterns that are seen all over the world.  It opened into another discussion about how water affects plant life.   This experiment will show how water travels throughout the plant and nourishes it with water.   Not only is this a great teaching lesson but you'll also get a beautiful bouquet of flowers out of it.

*Fresh white mums, carnations, or roses 
*One box of assorted food coloring
*Clear containers or vases.

Fill three glasses with equal parts water and added 15 drops of food coloring in each one.   We used red, blue, and green.   Then mix the food coloring with a spoon to distribute.


Divide flowers between the three glasses.    

Now the wait begins.

After just 24 hours you can see how colorful the flowers are getting.   The longer you wait the more vibrant the flowers will be.  Group them together for a beautiful centerpiece.


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