Friday, August 31, 2012


Today we continued our study of the solar system.   We explored the differences between comets, asteroids, and meteoroids along with how the earth orbits around the sun.   Batman and Superman were really interested in astronauts and that brought up a question.     

How many layers is an astronaut suit made of and why?

If you answered 13 then you are SUPER SMART!!!!!

To illustrate why an astronaut needs 13 layers I gave each boy a potato and a straw.  I asked them to take the straw and poke the potato.  Instantly the straw made a mark on the potato.   An astronaut suit offers protection against environmental concerns such as flying rocks and other debris not to mention the cold.   Without a suit on, an astronaut could risk serious damage to his body.

I then gave Batman and Superman a pile of 13 items each they could use to make an astronaut suit.   They had to dress their potato using these items that included aluminum foil, wax paper, paper towels, a plastic bag, etc.   I just went around the kitchen and picked whatever I had on hand.   The boys wrapped each layer separately and then taped it.

Superman proudly shows of his "astronaut" and gets ready to decorate the outside.

Now that the "astronaut" is fully dressed in his space suit it's now time to test how good the suit protects it.   Superman got his straw out yet again and pretended that it was a flying piece of rock.  Guess what?  The space suit remained intact perfectly!

RIP Neil Armstrong

To learn more about space visit Nasa Kids Club.


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  2. What a great lesson!! Practical and fun.

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