Monday, September 10, 2012

Today in math we talked a lot about symmetry.  We listed items that were symmetrical on our list.  I pointed out that butterflies are symmetrical on both sides.   We looked at different butterflies on the internet and saw how different each one is from the next.  Some have lots of spots while others have beautiful stripes, etc.   We started to plan a butterfly mosaic.  Enjoy!
What you'll need:
Wood board or a sturdy backing
Burlap or any fabric to cover the board
Elmers glue
Assorted beans
I first got a 12"x12" piece of thin wood at Joann's.   Unfortunately I didn't have anything that would be study enough at home to use.  I then covered it with a piece of red burlap.  I love how bright it is.
I then wrapped the burlap around the board and glued the back.   I added clips to board while the glue was drying to keep it in place.   I found that later on I needed to staple the back to keep it tight.
Batman then drew a picture of a butterfly.   He made a good attempt to keep both sides symmetrical.

We used green peas, black beans, black eyed peas, rice, lima beans, and kidney beans.
Next came the fun part...the design process.   Notice how Batman tries to make both sides look the same,  He really enjoyed mixing everything up in the middle though.
The finished product!!  
This project was so much fun and it didn't take very long to make.  Batman and I got into a great converstation about the beans we used.    Dehydration and hydration were easily explained and understood.   Batman related how our bodies need water to stay hydrated.   The list goes on and on. 
So we hit upon math, science, and art during this afternoon project. 
Hope you enjoyed this post!  Enjoy!!


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  1. What a great project! I will have to do this with my kids.