Thursday, September 6, 2012


There are pros and cons of giving tangible rewards to your child.   Who doesn't like a little extra something though?   I love a handful of m&m's after a long day like anyone else.   Many teachers in schools have reward boxes with prizes to be given out.   Students often get stickers, a new pencil, or a lunch pass to eat with the teacher as their reward.    Recognition makes people feel great!!

Each Friday Batman has a spelling test.    Last week I simply printed out a reward certificate for him to keep.    I then told him that he did a great job when he got every word correct.  He raced to his bedroom and taped it up on his bedroom door.  That door is filled with ribbons, awards, special pictures and notes.   Seeing how excited Batman got after getting his reward gave me the idea of the "Great Work" box.   I control exactly what "prizes" are put in the box and when to give them out.

Let's talk about what you need in order to make your box. 
 Here's what you need:

Plastic box
Mod podge
Paint brush
Assorted scrapbook paper and stickers

   I bought this plastic container box at Target for $6.

Next I painted on mod podge (glue) all over the areas I wanted to cover with paper.   I bought three sheets of assorted scrapbook paper at Michael's Craft Store.

I also used some paper letters that I had leftover from another craft to decorate.

My son love cars so I had to put some on his box.

The finished product!

I filled the box with things I knew my son would love.   Passes for extra play time, tv time, batman books and stickers, and a few other things.   Some items cost a few bucks but others were free.

I decided the way to earn a visit to the "Great Work" box is to earn it.   Tomorrow is Friday and it's the first time my son is able to get a prize from his box if he get's another perfect spelling test.  I think he'll be super excited!

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