Sunday, September 30, 2012

See The Light Art Class Dvd Review/Giveaway

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review See The Light Art Class.   This is a Christian themed art program taught by Master Artist Pat Knepley.   Any program that I can stay at home and teach is one that I'm very interested in.    Read below for my review on this program and your opportunity to win Volume 1: The Basics (a $14.99 value).

There nine dvd's in the 1-year set and each has four lessons.   You can buy this set or each dvd separately.   The first of the series is  Volume 1: The Basics.   It has four separate lessons with a bonus.

Volume 1:  Art Lessons 1-4
Lesson 1:  Tools of the Trade
Lesson 2:  It All Starts With a Line
Lesson 3:  Contours & Composition
Bonus:  Chalk It Up Art

The night before I was going to introduce the program to Batman I sat down to review it myself.  I had my paper, eraser, and pencil all ready to go.   Pat talked about different types of lines and showed them all.   She then had us draw a contour line looking at an apple and not the paper.  This is easier said then done.   I happily practiced drawing an apple and then a pear without looking at my paper.   I did so-so but to Pat's point I needed to just practice.   

 Pat is very engaging and explains everything in a clear manner.  Her soft spoken tone and genuine love of art were so apparent in the videos.   I love how Pat not only explained what she was doing but showed you.    One neat point that I really enjoyed is that Pat talks a lot of different bible verses and how they relate to what she is teaching.    Art does reflect the beauty of God and His Creation.

The next day I got Batman all ready to watch the dvd.  We sat side-by-side on the living floor with our pad of paper.   Batman was pretty engrossed with Pat.  He listened intently and started drawing when she directed him to do so.   At the end of the lesson he proudly showed me his paper filled with drawings of apples and showed me his contour drawing.   He then went on to draw a lamp in the living room and even one of his toys.  He really got into it!

I really liked See The Light and made the decision to buy the rest of the dvd series!  I hope you will take a look at it and see if this Christian themed program would be a good fit for your family.   It's a great addition to any elementary age student's art curriculum.

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  1. Fun giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. We use a combination of artist study and art projects!

  3. I tried to follow your blog by RSS feed, but when I clicked your feed button, it pulled up MY blog's feed. You might want to check your settings. It looks like something isn't right -- like it's pulling the user's feed instead of your blog feed.

  4. Thanks "anonymous"! I will look into it!


  5. Right now my son just does a lot of creative drawing on his own since he's only 6. We are going to use the book that came with MFW 1st grade. I've also bought ARTistic Pursuits, but haven't used it yet. I like the idea of DVD's!

  6. We don't really follow a art curriculum u would love to!

  7. We're doing art through our local homeschool co-op but only one of my kids got in this year so I'd love to have a curriculum to use at home!

  8. We don't use a specific curriculum right now. Just lots of projects incorporated into every subject. Would love to get more detailed!

  9. We just do the art incorporated in our Heart of Dakota curriculum. I've been looking at See the Light for awhile now. I've also thought about adding Draw Write Now since book 2 correlates with what we are studying, but I would love to win this since Pat can teach them so much more effectively than I can.

  10. I have used Draw Write Now and library books.

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