Thursday, September 6, 2012


Don't forget that Sunday, September 16th is Grandparent's Day.   Here is a cute gift for your child to make that also teaches different ways to use clay.   You can buy this fast drying clay in either white or terracotta at Target, Michael's, or Amazon.

What you need:
Paper plate
Tooth picks

Here's what to do:
Roll a ball of clay and insert your finger in the middle to create a well.   Now "pinch" the sides of the pot to make it larger as you form into a bowl.    Next, decide on how to implement different designs on your pot.  You could roll out small balls, coils, or use a toothpick to make different designs.  The possibilities are endless.

Once you get your bowl exactly like you want simply let air dry for at least two days.  I put our bowls on top of the refrigerator.

This is what the bowl looked like after drying for a few days.

Now on to the fun part...painting!!   I love how each bowl looks so different!   Batman had so much fun making coils (or snakes as he called them) and making each one unique for his grandparents.    Once dry, add some candy, paper clips, or anything else that you have on hand.

Remember, these pots are pretty sturdy but will probably break if you drop on the ground since they haven't been fired in a kiln.


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