Saturday, September 22, 2012


Earlier this year I was introduced to Evan-Moor products.   I had just finished my first year of homeschooling my son in kindergarten.   I took a step back to decide exactly what type of homeschool curriculum most worked for us.   I found that my son LOVES completing workbook pages but also likes a lot of hands on learning through experiments and crafts.   I love a program that is organized, easy to understand, and helps guide me every step of the way.   The more I researched Evan-Moor the more I got excited that this company was offering me what both my son and I needed.

This fall I started teaching Geography in my son's Homeschool Co-op Class. I have a class full of super smart kids ages 5-8.   I immediately decided to teach the class using Evan-Moor Beginning Geography K-2.  Based on the National Geography Standards, the 93 reproducible practice pages cover beginning map skills, landforms and bodies of water, and the continents and oceans.  

Class has been so much fun!   I've been really impressed with how all of the  children have responded to this book.  My son actually wanted to do his geography homework as soon as he got home from class.   Just last week he and his classmates made a map grid and reviewed map keys in an assortment of different maps.    On Monday we will learn about landforms and bodies of water.   Wait until the kids find out that we are going to watch a mock volcano erupt!  Pictures to follow I promise on Wednesday!     

Evan-Moor offers materials that are aligned with current standards and the best educational practices.   Best of all they are on target with student interests and motivations. They offer books on geography, spelling, math, history pockets, and so much more!  Check them out!

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Evan-Moor is offering Beginning Geography K-2 (a $15.99 value) to one lucky follower of Susie Homeschooler!

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