Saturday, September 15, 2012

Today we used put our new knowledge about primary and secondary colors to use and made a tie dye shirt.  This is a super fun project to you do with your child! 
This is what you will need:
a white t-shirt
2 paper plates
plastic bin
1 clothes pin
rit dyes (blue, red, yellow)
 3 squeeze bottles for dye
rubber gloves
large ziploc bag
First soak your shirt in water (not in the washing machine) and rinse out.   Lay right side down since you will then get a sharper pattern on the front of your shirt.   Place a clothes pin in the center of the shirt and start turning clockwise until you have a nice pie shape.

Now slip several rubberbands on and then turn it around and do the back section.   This keeps the shape intact.
Place your paper plate with shirt in a plastic container so you can control the mess .  Remember, these dyes stain so wear plastic gloves and old clothes!
Prepare the dyes according to the label on the box.   Fill squirt bottles at least halfway full with each color.   Divide your shirt in thirds and color each section red, blue, and yellow.   Soak your shirt good with color!   Once completed, put another paper plate over the shirt and flip over.  Remove the top paper plate.  Repeat the process of putting dye on the shirt.   When you are done simply place your shirt into a ziploc bag, seal, and wait at least 24 hours for the colors to set.
Now it's time to rinse your shirt.  Remove all of the rubberbands and throw away.   Rinse until you don't see color coming out of the shirt.  Don't be alarmed at all of the color that will wash out.  You may now wash your shirt in the normal way in a washing machine.  Do it on its own the first time!

 Batman LOVES his new shirt that he made.   I don't think there is a doubt whether he knows his primary and secondary colors now.  Batman and I quizzed each other many times on what colors primary colors make.    All primary and secondary colors can be seen in Batman's shirt.  HOW COOL!!

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